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"We need to talk." he said.

I looked at the floor. "No we don't."

"I need you to look at me." he whispered taking a step towards me. 


"Look at me." he interrupted.

He is being so demanding, why is that so hot?

I sighed but forced myself to look up and meet his gaze. His green eyes looked so troubled.

"I need to know if this is how you're going to act every time I kiss you." he said softly. "Because in that case I'll have to stop and believe me, I don't want to." he said gazing at my lips.

"You realize that this is a bad idea right?" I asked him.

There was a smile playing on his lips. "Is it?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Yes, a really, really bad idea." 

He placed his hand on my cheek and he began to stroke it with the back of his hand. "It doesn't feel that way."

I grabbed his hand to make him stop doing that, not wanting to fall into his charms but it was too late anyway. "You want to keep kissing me..." I whispered.

"All the time..." he said, our lips were so close that I could feel them move against mine as he spoke.

"You can't tell anyone about this..." I whispered closing my eyes. 

"About what?" he said closing the gap between us. "It's just a kiss..."

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Gzee21 Gzee21 15 hours ago
lmao why is the mum me tho being annoying all da time 😭 jokesss
locketllf locketllf 6 days ago
This women is an american version of me... Except she has money
Darcy2402 Darcy2402 2 days ago
My thoughts exactly. I'm literally going through the same thing right now. It's like I'm bipolar, one minute I'm sobbing bc I know I won't have a chance the next I'm giggle about something he said. IT SUCKS!
Rajsi16 Rajsi16 a day ago
Ohh... C'mon babe. He is doing his job. If u have a problem talk to your dad.😉
Yogabagaba999 Yogabagaba999 2 days ago
Yeah and I want a new mom but you don’t hear me saying anything