My daddy and me...  killers! (EJ's daughter)

My daddy and me... killers! (EJ's daughter)

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Short after the birth of Eyeless Jacks daughter, Blue, EJ must become a parent unlike every other.


Book 2 is now up!

Lol u go Blue oh I died laughing every time I read it still dieing lol lol lmqo
YumixYuni YumixYuni Jul 26
I miss read it and thought that Jeff said " Is she really our daughter......."
                              Lol I almost choked 😅
I can imagine slendy face palming epicly because he has no face! He is basically slapping himself!😂
This kid blue is a boss! She is cool and how could you not love her?!
Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Jun 16
*flashback to another fanfic called Cruel & Blue* The feels!
Thewolf525 Thewolf525 May 16, 2016
"Brung?" meh. I won't judge. My spelling depends on autocorrect lolz