A Vampire's Pet

A Vampire's Pet

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Jay By xx_SecretSilence_xx Updated Dec 29, 2017

Raven is a 19 year old girl. Her life wasn't perfect but it was normal for her until her birthday. Since her bday is halloween she decided to go as a Vampiress. Cause she loved vampires even though they were blood suckers and no good..After her and her friends got ready they went trick -or- treating 

"Raven I'm tired..can we stop now?"
I turned and look at Casey who was now bent over own the ground "Fine" I just started laughing.
They started walking until the came to a four way stop . "Raven I'm not feeling so well.. I'm just gone head home" All I could do was nod as she disappeared the other way.. I just sighed and continued walking.. Nothing like being alone on your bday.. I just continued walking until I got lost in my thoughts and found myself in an ally. I was about to start walking when I heard a sound and jumped . Before I knew it was grabbed from behind and I passed out.

Raven was then awoken at a vampire pet shop.. Where she waited to be auctioned.

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kirogirl kirogirl Apr 04, 2017
March 28 2002 I'm 15 since Tuesday of last month (today's date 4/3/17)
curiouswolf21 curiouswolf21 Nov 26, 2017
A bit freaked out...
                              I am born on Halloween have blond hair blue eyes and on top of that I am also living in the U.S!
                              Are you my evil twin?
Midnight_Rouge_13 Midnight_Rouge_13 Sep 30, 2016
Actually O negative is the most common blood type lots of people make this mistake but if u want a rare blood type not many people have AB negative
DemonicFireKitten173 DemonicFireKitten173 Feb 16, 2017
U guys that r born on Halloween or even close to it r so lucky! My bday is in June I hate it
MelodyCarroll MelodyCarroll Nov 16, 2015
wow...this story is almost EXACTLY like Vampire's Pet by poltergeist_people.
PinkCamo1031 PinkCamo1031 Jul 02, 2015