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Emily By _SterekTrash_ Completed

  I'm not changing anything major, just fixing grammar mistakes and adding some extra details to the first few chapters, making things sound better. 
  Stiles Stilinski was never really sure how he felt about Derek Hale, the sarcastic and moody werewolf who was always around. They had their moments, where Derek did something nice and Stiles started to like him a little more, but were they friends? He never really thought about it. 
  When something goes wrong and people turn up missing, Stiles and Derek are forced to search for them. What will having that much alone time do to their awkward relationship?
  All Teen Wolf characters belong to Jeff Davis, obviously. Not me.  (:

Suck my dick stalia even tho I ship y'all too I can here for sterek and sterek only
Hello I'm really enjoying the book so far. I love it! Just wanted to let you know that you probably meant to say "found" instead of "fought" 😊
Stiles: hey lets call up my cousin Miguel so he can meet us at the airport
                              *everyone turns to stiles *
                              Derek: um......
                              Stiles: Yes cousin Miguel exists you thought i made him up
                              Derek: *silence *
                              Kira: im so confused
I'm going back to read this series after a year it was one of my favourites I'm so excited
bitch drive. haven't you heard curiosity killed stiles. now is not the time for mindless adventures
Oh yeah love a good verbally and slightly physically abusive relationship I do