Loves Claw || Jurassic World (Under Editing)

Loves Claw || Jurassic World (Under Editing)

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*Sequel to Alpha and Beta (Owen Grady: Jurassic World Fanfiction)*

Y/n L/n is living life happily and......alone? After the accident on Isla Nublar two years ago, Y/n lived with Her boyfriend Owen Grady for 10 months, when suddenly, Owen decided to sign Y/n up for the Marines. She reluctantly joined, and after 12 months of intense training, she headed back to her shared house with Owen in California. However, when she arrived, she found out that Owen had cheated on her. She fled to her Uncle Allen Grant, who lived in Florida, and Y/n has lived there for the remaining year. But one phone call could change it all. Whilst out at sea in the Pacific, Y/n receives a call from Claire, telling her that there has been a shipwreck off the coast of Isla Nublar, and that the family on board was The Mitchells. 

What will happen when she returns to the Island? Will Owen and Y/n get back together? Or will it all end in disaster.

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