Is There Something? ➳ (Camren) DISCONTINUED

Is There Something? ➳ (Camren) DISCONTINUED

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alejandra By Alejita235 Completed

Camila's been friends with Lauren for two years now but when Lauren finds out about her sexuality, things start to get... weird. The looks, the longer hugs, simple touches; things that she didn't think were there before are all that she's able to thinks about. And she can't help but start to wonder, is there something there?

{Camila's POV} - unless noted otherwise


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LexiPotato LexiPotato Mar 28
I might get a little rough, not too much, but maybe just enough
I feel guilty for hating bad things because it was my alarm. Whenever I hear it I just think about having to get up and it stresses me out
Nobody's perfect is my alarm clock yo. I get lit every morning
idk why but I read "do you think you should be touching my girlfriend Mahone?"
mcnuttm mcnuttm Apr 16
Sixth grade, but I've had a hunch since I was younger. I came out as bi in the second semester in 7th grade
I'm a decent driver now, but I drove through my neighbors fence a couple days before my driving test lmaooo