The Human Pet (Coming Soon)

The Human Pet (Coming Soon)

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Shy_Nadeau By Shy_Nadeau Updated Nov 28, 2015

Bloomdale, a close knit town in Connecticut, has legalized human trafficking. Not only that, but there are actually human auctions every Sunday. 

Andi Irons, a 17 year old girl, is given the pleasure of buying her very own human for her birthday. She is so excited; she couldn't have asked for a better present! 

Number 1117 has been bought and sold over and over again. He knows that the rest of his life will be the same. Yet, somehow, when he is bought by a spunky teenager, he can't seem to shake the anxious feeling in his stomach. 

Maybe this time will be different.

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JamesCool15 JamesCool15 Nov 05, 2017
Jeez, I wish I could have 5SOS and 1D play a my birthday....
Ann4r4sum4n4r4 Ann4r4sum4n4r4 Jan 31, 2017
.... that human is a human. You can't exactly train it like training a dog
bluebeauty654 bluebeauty654 Aug 07, 2016
I know this is only a book, but isn't that going a bit to far👌
DracoThePrincess DracoThePrincess Oct 29, 2016
bluebeauty654 it's her book, and she can put whatever she want's. A book is a way to express yourself. So don't kill her dreams
Men's changed her clothes ,,
                              And gave her bath. .......!.??...
StrangeTeddy StrangeTeddy Feb 07, 2016
It was wonderful to read a well organised, properly edited and very readable piece. I hope the small octopus wasn't of the Blue Ringed variety... it's one of the most poisonous animals in Australia!