My Stolen Kiss #1

My Stolen Kiss #1

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~|| COMPLETED :): July 8th 2016 ||~ 


"Who are you?" He asked. Clearly annoyed.

"I'm Kaitlin Jackson," I stated very nervously, fidgeting with my thumbs. "Would you read this?" I asked, extending my hand out. I could sense people staring at me. I is what I kept rehearsing in my head. I could hear my heart beating rapidly for him to just take the letter, if our hands touch I'm sure I would fain-.

"I don't need it." He said. Those were not the words I was expecting to hear. The letter flew out of my hands out of shock. It landed right in front of me. My "classmates" stepped on my first love letter, the piece of paper that I loved so much, the tree that died to supply me with paper that wasn't appreciated at all.

He's smart, I'm not...

He's good looking, I'm not...

He's good at sports, I sure as hell am not...

There is an infinite list of ideas and adjectives I'm not, but what about the things I am? 

I'm in love, He's not ...

I guess this list isn't as long, but my heart aches for his love, it's not your average school girl crush. It's a one sided 3 year love. He doesn't even know that I exist, well maybe he does, but he doesn't acknowledge me. I bet you're dying to know his name, Nick Louis. 

I've never questioned Gods doings, even though having my house destroyed by a shooting star isn't relevant. Is moving into the Louis' residence even more irrelevant.

The book, and "American" version of 
@ = on Netflix 

Japanese Film. "Love In Tokyo," @
Korean Film. "Playful kiss," @
Anime. "Itazura na Kiss."
Thai film "Kiss Me."
Chinese Film "Kiss in Miss," @

AllyAlly_18 AllyAlly_18 Aug 17, 2016
This is like a anime/manga I don't really like the one's where girls are considered "dumb" because they're not good in school
Zetroc143Ella Zetroc143Ella Dec 07, 2016
                              Same I hate waiting. If it wastes my time though. And telling your feelings will be hard 😂
XxRiah916Xx XxRiah916Xx Nov 23, 2016
This is why I don't write letters or confront my crushes, I have and I got rejected. I was so heartbroken I was getting all flustered and I didn't know what to say
Booked4ever Booked4ever Jul 17, 2016
Ironic that the authors note it says that this book was made for patient people and the first sentence of the chapter is her being impatient.
Itscomplicated901 Itscomplicated901 Jun 29, 2016
Exactly like playful kiss and mischievous kiss and the anime xD
Zetroc143Ella Zetroc143Ella Dec 07, 2016
                              Ouch. Got rejected. That's the hard part about a girl confessing first. Guys should do it 😂 Nice chapter. I was interested all the way. Just some punctuation marks need to be polished. ^^