Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2016)

Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2016)

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Eight boys. One girl. One huge house. Dakota Hart is being forced to live in another state with a family she never met. She doesn't know the extent of the trouble she's gotten herself into. For a girl who befriended the entire football team at her previous school, she thinks she is cut out for managing the boys she now lives with. But now there's a twist. She has the chance to make a family and to possibly find love, or make big enemies.

Your books are worth reading:-) love them:-) @NinaBaes
its an awesome story. I honestly love it! @Werewolvesforever512
it was such a good book! I fell in love with the entire thing!! @HannahKaLynne
I loveeeeeeeee it so far! @HeyItsJustMeGuys

I cant decide so I go will the great divide it a bluebell flavor it's half vanilla and half Chocolate...
fictionloverhp fictionloverhp Oct 12, 2016
It's Victoria friggin justice! Am I the only one who notices this?
Enigma_Of_The_Dark Enigma_Of_The_Dark Jun 29, 2016
Am I the only one thinking of Brothers Conflict 😂 especially their personalities r similar
RainbowDashLoyalty RainbowDashLoyalty Aug 26, 2016
I have someone in a class that's named Bruno... Now I'll be thinking of him throughout the story xD
- - May 29, 2016
I wanna live in that family. If I took a trip it wouldn't be out of country though, I'd just go to Nashville, Tennessee, or if I could just Australia.
fictionloverhp fictionloverhp Oct 12, 2016
What kind of name is Ash? Like the ash tray? Or maybe short for something like.......... Ashton or.......,..............
                              I got nothing. Don't hate on me if your friends name is Ash. So sorry not sorry😋😜