Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2016)

Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2016)

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Eight boys. One girl. One huge house. Dakota Hart is being forced to live in another state with a family she never met. She doesn't know the extent of the trouble she's gotten herself into. For a girl who befriended the entire football team at her previous school, she thinks she is cut out for managing the boys she now lives with. But now there's a twist. She has the chance to make a family and to possibly find love, or make big enemies.

Your books are worth reading:-) love them:-) @NinaBaes
its an awesome story. I honestly love it! @Werewolvesforever512
it was such a good book! I fell in love with the entire thing!! @HannahKaLynne
I loveeeeeeeee it so far! @HeyItsJustMeGuys

  • abandonement
  • badboys
  • bestfriend
  • boyfriend
  • boys
  • brothers
  • college
  • dance
  • distance
  • funny
  • girlfriend
  • hate
  • living
  • love
  • poor
  • pranks
  • relationship
  • rich
  • sadness
  • wattys2016
ThatoneCrazyChich ThatoneCrazyChich Jul 26, 2017
I cant decide so I go will the great divide it a bluebell flavor it's half vanilla and half Chocolate...
AmberlyZuniga AmberlyZuniga Sep 24, 2017
Wouldn't it be funny if the entire football team came to visit her? Hehe...
fictionloverhp fictionloverhp Oct 12, 2016
It's Victoria friggin justice! Am I the only one who notices this?
Enigma_Of_The_Dark Enigma_Of_The_Dark Jun 29, 2016
Am I the only one thinking of Brothers Conflict 😂 especially their personalities r similar
RainbowDashLoyalty RainbowDashLoyalty Aug 26, 2016
I have someone in a class that's named Bruno... Now I'll be thinking of him throughout the story xD
fictionloverhp fictionloverhp Oct 12, 2016
What kind of name is Ash? Like the ash tray? Or maybe short for something like.......... Ashton or.......,..............
                              I got nothing. Don't hate on me if your friends name is Ash. So sorry not sorry😋😜