What a ride (Asano Gakushuu story)

What a ride (Asano Gakushuu story)

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Asano Gakushuu X reader

"See you later my dear." That dear mini Satan said to you. You never remembered being his dear. Oh wait. You made a contract with that demon. 


Basically this is a love story for our dear Asano Gakushuu from ansatsu kyoushitsu. I wrote it because I don't think there's enough love for him. Summary sucks. I swear the inside is better. Come insideeeee. Please comment and like and stuff :)

[Doing some editing guiseeeeeeee]

Keiko_x3 Keiko_x3 May 23
Improve? Seriously? e.e This story is purrrrrfect~ I love it~
Your english is perfect i think u should keep it up!!!😀😀and by the way nice intro
Yayoi_HQ Yayoi_HQ Apr 07, 2016
You don't need to improve Author-San. YOUR ON THE TOP OF MY LIST.
- - Feb 07, 2016
I'm not saying this in a mean say but please write in in paragraphs? It'll be better I promise :)
Yayoi_HQ Yayoi_HQ Apr 07, 2016
Terrible? Haha your funny. Srly no. Good? Best. Continue? HELL YES
taeaulait taeaulait Jan 10, 2016
He looked more like Akashi than Asano, here... But it's OK, I like them both ^.^