What a ride (Asano Gakushuu story)

What a ride (Asano Gakushuu story)

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Asano Gakushuu X reader

"See you later my dear." That dear mini Satan said to you. You never remembered being his dear. Oh wait. You made a contract with that demon. 


Basically this is a love story for our dear Asano Gakushuu from ansatsu kyoushitsu. I wrote it because I don't think there's enough love for him. Summary sucks. I swear the inside is better. Come insideeeee. Please comment and like and stuff :)

[Doing some editing guiseeeeeeee]

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*Boom!* That was a perfect into! And that 'boom' sound is me flipping tables cause i dont have the talent to write like you guys.
Keiko_x3 Keiko_x3 May 23
Improve? Seriously? e.e This story is purrrrrfect~ I love it~
Your english is perfect i think u should keep it up!!!😀😀and by the way nice intro
                              I PRAY YOU GO TO HEAVEN Y/N SAN.
                              DONT COME TO HELL LIKE ME
                              MAY THE GODS THAT HAVE ABANDONED YOU TAKE PITY
Yayoi_HQ Yayoi_HQ Apr 07, 2016
You don't need to improve Author-San. YOUR ON THE TOP OF MY LIST.
- - Feb 07, 2016
I'm not saying this in a mean say but please write in in paragraphs? It'll be better I promise :)