Written in Bones [ Jurassic World]

Written in Bones [ Jurassic World]

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Lily Eleanor Goodwin didn't go into the paleontology field for the money. Quite frankly, there wasn't any money in the field. With the failing economy, dig sites and museums suffered the most, losing grants and getting hit hard with budget cuts.  However, Lily's love for dinosaurs never faltered even as her bank account dwindled. Working at the local museum and moving back in with her dysfunctional parents, the young woman was at her wit's end.

Until one  unforgettable day while giving her usual tour, she is approached with an astounding offer by a man named Simon Masrani. But she had no idea what she was signing up for.

Dinosaurs are no longer extinct. Lily isn't dealing with bones anymore.

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TygerSong TygerSong Jan 29
Ummm how is paleontology and being a genius working at a museum not a "real" job, lady?
winterwoIf winterwoIf Jul 19, 2017
tarawalks tarawalks May 01, 2016
Damn, it would be awesome to have a paleontology career (cause dinos are awesome) but like Lily's mom, she's got a big point...
the_Insomnia_queen the_Insomnia_queen Oct 15, 2016
Museums are awesome, they're cool and you learn stuff, plus there's not many people who annoy you
Icanttelluthat Icanttelluthat Mar 21, 2016
This reminds me of myself
                              When I watched Jurassic Park for the first time (I was 3) it started my fascination with dinosaurs and it's never gone away
                              My dad wants me to make a career of it
                              My mum wants me to be a lawyer
                              I want to make a career of it
stormpiIot stormpiIot Jun 10, 2016
“god creates dinosaurs, god destroys dinosaurs, god creates man, man creates dinosaurs, dinosaurs eat man, women inherit the earth.” STILL MY FAVE JURASSIC PARK QUOTE