Miles Away (Zarry)

Miles Away (Zarry)

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Meet Zayn : 
Rich, is lazy, likes to cook, and likes to hang out with his best friend A.K.A his dog 

Meet Harry : 
Has the most amazing job in the world (working at a music shop), likes to read, and is very smart 

or, a story where former model Zayn meets Stanford University student Harry online. Harry has no idea about Zayn's famous life but none of that matters when your 5,318 miles away from each other....right?

Lol I'm from England and no, being mean isn't an England thing
I perchased both the book and movie. And decided to watch the movie first.that creeped me put and i hate the characters. I tried reading the book but.....just couldn't
No offence, but in these books it's always like the lonely, hermit, hot dude has at least one super loyal best friend haha
londonbites londonbites Feb 07
The first time I ate a sushi, I gagged so much that I threw at the bathroom
Can't help but imagine Nick Grimshaw as the lead guy Nick. #directionerproblems
I'm not really into KPop but F(x), 2ne1, and Hyuna intrigue me.