Battle Scars (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

Battle Scars (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

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Liz Preston has a gift of being able to get her out of tough situations with no problem. Ironically, ever since her dad died when she was three, Liz has been living in a tough situation with her mom being a lazy drunk in a small, dingy flat. Her mom constantly dating new men and always somehow going back to Johnson, a leader of a small gang, who has bad obsession with Liz. 

One night, Liz and her boyfriend, Eggsy Unwin, are very unfortunate when the two of them get into some trouble and wind up inches about from being thrown in jail. When the two of them are released by some gentleman, they find themselves thrown into a whole new world. The same world that their fathers had belonged to. 

Given a remarkable opportunity, Liz and Eggsy join in the running to become the next Kingsman, or as they call it, a spy. Becoming a Kingsman is no walk in the park. This is the most dangerous job interview ever. As dangerous as becoming a Kingsman may be, Liz feels as if she is exactly where she belongs. Surprising everyone when she nearly excels at every test they put her through, something that none of the them expected from a girl who has basically lived on the streets her whole life.

cover by: @sighstiles

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VillainQueens VillainQueens Jun 11, 2017
It is fantastic. I read it last night and it's just so good I just kept rereading it!!!!
Eggsy's mom doesnt treat him like crap. She doesnt do anything when dean treats him like crap
TheWildAdventurer13 TheWildAdventurer13 Oct 18, 2017
I was listening to Smooth Criminal in the second part of her chace, it was bloody briliant!
MarcellaGonzalez MarcellaGonzalez Jun 06, 2017
Just imagine how his voice must sound waking up. All deep and groggy! 😥 Girl you got me messed up!👅
DraniWood DraniWood Jul 10, 2017
Good Girls by 5SOS is playing this is totally the opposite😂😂😂
sighstiles sighstiles Jul 08, 2015
I can't notably notice the difference in your writing as you grow as a writer. This sentence would've been so much different a year ago. I like it indeed. ☺️