Possessive Demon (boyxboy)

Possessive Demon (boyxboy)

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thescene By thescene Updated Sep 29, 2016

There he was, my boyfriend I dearly supposedly loved sitting there on our couch kissing some dumb twink that my boyfriend Leon, had told me not to worry about. I watched as they practically sucked each other's faces off. But one thing was certain, he will not catch me crying. I cleared my throat and Leon he pulled away immediately. "Hello Leon." Leon had stood up after pushing Kyle away from him. 

I knew I was dumb enough to believe he won't cheat again. But it's my fault for having too much trust with people, especially people I thought I loved. But Leon had done it again and it was over now. Leon had broken my heart once again and there was no use in trying to fix it again. 

"K-kasper." Leon took a step towards me while I moved my hand when he tried to grab it. 

"How are you?" I asked taking of the necklace around my neck calmly. He opened his mouth to respond. "I don't care how you're doing. I'll back my bags and leave. This is finally my way out." I turned around and went to our...

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_overthelamebow_ _overthelamebow_ Jul 31, 2017
NeVhaMorrOn NeVhaMorrOn May 16, 2017
U fcking cheated u imbecile ! Dont say the word love u disgusting
boy_love_pride boy_love_pride Jun 23, 2017
Is kasper just used to murder? Like bloody corpse on the table 
                              "Dang it Leon I told you to keep the kitchen clean today! Please clean this up before dinner."
                              I mean there just isn't any 
                              "What the actual $&@#<">#">@#</a> you just killed someone!"
                              So I assume he's used to it.
boy_love_pride boy_love_pride Jun 23, 2017
Well this is gonna go about as well as can be expected.
                              Oh boy.
angelesmayorga angelesmayorga Jan 25, 2017
I hate you like wtf you cheated twice broke the contract once he gets out of it he's free from you
Fakkuto Fakkuto Dec 04, 2016
Did you love him when you were cheating on him with someone else? I think not.