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Endure (Bellarke)

Endure (Bellarke)

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spacewalker? what a joke. By stupidspacewalker Updated Jun 28, 2016

He didn't push her to tell him what was going on. He understood that Clarke was hurting, and that she needed someone to lean on. Bellamy wasn't the type of person that you could lean on, yet when it came to Clarke, things seemed different. He held her in a tight embrace for what seemed like twenty minutes.

Clarke's sobs eventually turned into quiet sniffles, she pulled back from the warm embrace. A sudden feeling of warmth left Bellamy, leaving him feeling cold and craving her touch. Clarke finally brought her eyes to Bellamy's, and barely choked out the words, "I'm pregnant".
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Bellamy Blake
Clarke Griffin
The 100

Lilly from Hannah Montana falling out of her chair is literally me right now
Oh nonononononononononno NO!!! YOU,FINN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CALL HER THAT
Lmao every one of these comments is hating on Finn. I like it
I'm can someone please explain to me why I just found trash ?????
ProbablyAPhyscopath ProbablyAPhyscopath Oct 24, 2016
I love it, but honestly XD, how in the hell did she find a pregnancy test?
Pau_pau122 Pau_pau122 Feb 05
When I read the description of the story I thought 💭 when Clarke said "Im pregnant" it would be Bellamy's baby, but whatever. I guess it makes the story more interesting.