The Bad Boy Type (ON HOLD)

The Bad Boy Type (ON HOLD)

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lolyournotfunny By lolyournotfunny Updated May 20

Ouran High School Host Club x OC


There's a new kid at Ouran Academy. Alex Prince got into the rich people school on a perfect academic scholarship. People could never tell if Alex a boy or a girl and Alex was fine with that. It's what's on the inside that counts. But what happens when Alex finds out a childhood friend is in deep dept to some club and decides to help her out. What has this poor commoner get themselves dragged into.

Called it. I knew that it was Toni and Francis xD
                              Does that make Lovi, Alex's brother?!
So then Alex is like 5"9 cause he's taller than padre but shorter than his dad
Did anybody else think of Antonio and Francis from Hetalia when they were describing the fathers?
I must not be the only one thinking of Spain and France from Hetalia, right?
I think that I like this book so much is because it supports gay marriage. ; ) Love ya Author-san!
No. you don't question the schools sanity! you turn around, close the door and run.