BETS ⚡ jily

BETS ⚡ jily

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"Same thing later then?" he grinned. Lily rolled her eyes, turning and walking away.

"You got game, boy," she called over her shoulder and James could've sworn his stomach did a somersault.
James and Lily are in Year Thirteen, their final year at school and both are as distraught as the other. Whilst James is sure of his love for Lily, she doesn't seem to realize it. Whilst Lily dates every guy she lays eyes on she's still secretely fawning over James.

Then they make the bets that will change everything.
One hundred pounds is on the table. One of them will have to lose. But who will it be?

[Modern, muggle AU]

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SiriuslyDeer_ SiriuslyDeer_ Dec 09, 2016
excuse me Petunia, you married a fat plum who has the face of Humpty Dumpty, while Lily flower married a guy who made EVERY DAM GIRL swoon. who's the freak now, Petunia?
_remuslupin_ _remuslupin_ Sep 24, 2016
This is exactly me when I'm faced with homework and school. Exactly me.
astrocadet astrocadet Nov 19, 2016
me;*with the maurders*oh wait I see something*rips down the fourth wall*YOUVE BEEN CAFISHED
BitchFromBeyond BitchFromBeyond Aug 29, 2016
Glad to know im not the only one who measures how long its took me to get somewhere through the number of songs ive listened to
sammie_diamond sammie_diamond Nov 19, 2016
I am dying of laughter my grandpa woke from his "Im watching TV  slumber"
sadafaamer52 sadafaamer52 Sep 07, 2016
Everyone's going crazy on chemistry and here I am shouting that it's PROFESSOR SLUGHORN!