Laughing Jack x Jeff The Killer

Laughing Jack x Jeff The Killer

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Jeff gets grounded by Slendy and is forbidden to go for a killing for the rest of the week. Now stuck in the Mansion, he decides to mess around with Laughing Jack, in attempt to see the 'happy-go-lucky' clown's 'breaking point'. LJ never takes things seriously anyway, so what could go wrong?

WARNING: This story contains Yaoi (boy x boy action).

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BrokenToy BrokenToy Sep 03, 2017
Yeah.. Yeah Thats Pretty Bad... But His Name IS Laughing Jack Soo.......
CheshireCatQueen CheshireCatQueen Aug 10, 2017
Yeah... His name... Is Laughing Jack... Did you expect him to cry?
Laughing Jack, L͟A͟U͟G͟H͟I͟N͟G͟  J͟A͟C͟K͟!!!!! Jeff listen man, it's in his name
BlackHatTheFuckBoi BlackHatTheFuckBoi Jun 30, 2017
*facepalm* what's next slender gonna ground him for two weeks...
Motherslittlepunk Motherslittlepunk Nov 15, 2017
you also don't se a magical striped emo clown with a cone nose everyday Jeffers
BrokenToy BrokenToy Aug 26, 2017
Uhhh he... he tortures them.... yeah..... I won't go into detail.........