Laughing Jack x Jeff The Killer

Laughing Jack x Jeff The Killer

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Jeff gets grounded by Slendy and is forbidden to go for a killing for the rest of the week. Now stuck in the Mansion, he decides to mess around with Laughing Jack, in attempt to see the 'happy-go-lucky' clown's 'breaking point'. LJ never takes things seriously anyway, so what could go wrong?

WARNING: This story contains Yaoi (boy x boy action).

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kawii_demon kawii_demon Apr 03, 2017
Im baned from anime for 3 1/2 y years. I just watch it on youtube insted of netflix/hulu.
SamazeTorodame12 SamazeTorodame12 Nov 18, 2017
Poor child*hugs jeff*
                              Jeff: WAAAAAA*cries*
                              Cousin: IRIS NO DOT TOUCH HIM
                              *grabs Jeff's knife throwing it at her* I CAN HUG WHOEVA I WANT BISH
I can’t believe no one here is talking about how slenderman only said he, and didn’t include the girls.
a-simple-egg a-simple-egg Apr 18, 2017
It's funny because in the actual Jeff the killer creepypasta, the only victims actually do leave their door unlocked
Creepypasta_4_lyfe Creepypasta_4_lyfe Feb 06, 2017
Lol I don't know why I put that there but...
                              IS YODA IN HERE PEOPLE
WildeKatz WildeKatz Feb 23, 2017
Shove that big tentacle up your ass. Sorry, had to go there.