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Starting Anew

Starting Anew

8.9K Reads 503 Votes 9 Part Story
DontLetsBeSilly By DontLetsBeSilly Updated Mar 31, 2016

Tom Marvolo Riddle has been given a second chance at starting a new life. Thrown back in time to the future in the body of his 16-year-old self, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the year of 2015, he must choose the right path and change his fate or suffer the consequences of Limbo.  During his time at Hogwarts he will face new challenges he has never come across before in his past life, dealing with new enemies, friends, muggle parents, pranks, insufferable singing and worst of all, Technology-Obsessed-Muggleborns. 

Disclaimer: I do not own the world of Harry Potter or its characters. I only own the plot and my own characters I have made up for the purpose of this story.

teegzy12 teegzy12 Apr 17
Sounds good it was like tom getting told of by a mother figure lol
yutta-hey yutta-hey Jun 25, 2016
Haven't read anything like this...I can't wait to see the difference in, well,everyone since their was no voldy corrupting them
fandomnerdess fandomnerdess Oct 22, 2015
you cant go to pigfarts, its on mars! You need a rocket ship! Do you have a rocket ship riddle?
AnneValerious AnneValerious Oct 13, 2015
Are you kidding me. This is a great chapter. It's amazing. It really really took my breath away.
taylalak taylalak Oct 10, 2015
You can't go to pigfarts it's on Mars you need a rocket ship
IHeartBooks01 IHeartBooks01 Aug 28, 2015
Still laughing over the image of Tom Riddle whimpering! This is really good, I liked your description of the Empress. :-D