Just a Baby in a Trench Coat

Just a Baby in a Trench Coat

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((Okay thank you anyone who is actually reading this. This is my first ever fanfic, but this is a concept I've wanted for a while so I decided to write it. This doesn't really take place in any specific season, it's just kind of out there in the Supernatural world. It would be great to hear feedback, any comment on how I can make this better would be appreciated! ~Im with the fandoms))

Sam's POV:

	"So get this.." I start as I continue to research the old house, "The place used to be used for satanic sacrifices and rituals, some including witch-craft." 

Dean continued to chew on his burger thoughtfully, thinking I didn't catch him glancing over at the angel currently looking out the window at passing pedestrians.

"So what, we got some witch in an old satanic cult?" he asks, still chewing a bit of his food. I roll my eyes, "Maybe, but I think it would be our best bet." 

Dean nods his head, and looks over at Cas again. Sometimes I swear, I'm tempted just to yell, "HEY CAS DEAN'S...

    Aww daddy Dean!
                                  Lol it would be hilarious if Cas had a daddy kink after all of this.
                                  Mother of god what is wrong with me.
    I think my cuteness receptors just overloaded *flips switch in brain off and on* OH NO I THINK I BLEW A CUTE FUSE!!!
    Okay, but i sing along horribly on purpose to annoy anyone who hears me
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    Really?  I thought that was how all houses were decorated? Oops looks like I've been doing it wrong.
    Oh my Chuck 😂 *laughs uncontrollably and falls out of bed*
    Moose that is not an appropriate joke *falls off of bed while laughing uncontrollably*