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A story of a seventeen year old girl named ally who has an ordinary life with an ordinary husky puppy (young adult) named Fluffy.....nah just kidding. Named Jake. What isn't so normal is that on her eighteenth birthday, her puppy who was so innocently sitting on her bed eating her leftover cake, runs into her bathroom and she hears the cracking of bones and out comes a man wearing her white bathrobe that has a six pack and tan skin, blue eyes and brown wind swept hair who tells her he is now a fully fledged werewolf and does not need that "mutt" form anymore.....oh yeah, did I mention that he says she's her mate. You can guess her reaction.
"What do you want from me?" I whimpered as he scooted me up against my headboard.

He smirked, showing off his pearly white teeth.

"I think it's obvious little mate."

"M-mate? Jake I-"

"The name's Percy sweetheart."


I screamed as he swung me over his shoulder and jumped down the window.


If I said that to my cat he would be like "bitch leave already"
Like why has she not fought or tried. I wouldn't have listened to his reasoning first.
Yeah you love her so kill her. The obvious choice in actions isn't to understand how she feels but to force her into pain. No problem she will totally understand now with a broken rib.
You'd think he'd have things to do as a alpha but not he got all the time in the world to stall his mate as a dog
Ummmmm...  Everything​ in this book is moving real quickly... Not hating.  Just saying my opinion..
Hm.  Nice to know every single detail in the jist in ONE paragraph.