watching their future

watching their future

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Alison Haddock By MariaHaddock6 Updated Sep 30, 2016

i read this idea alot !!
and this is my turn now!!
what if the vikings get misterly teleported into a room by a mistirious girl to watch their future after hiccup get choosed to kill the 'monsterous nightmare'.
what will happen?
and who is this girl?

what are you waiting for go and read it to discover the mistery behind this girl and what will be our beloved vikings' reaction.

plz go ahead and read!! :)

South-Italy South-Italy Jun 06
I like that she explains what happened to befriend the dragons so no one is really angry.
tugabo_ tugabo_ Apr 03
Why theze bitchez asking where they are it's the fuckingz future
DrakonFire DrakonFire Jul 20
Is it just me, or is his face like, bish, get your hand off of me.
Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Dec 17, 2016
I already lost my innocence a long time ago... my eyes! It's still burning!