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Mr.S Michaelis X reader (lemon)

Mr.S Michaelis X reader (lemon)

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Apple jackel By applejackel123 Updated Jan 29

Sebastian, Ciel's Butler or should 
I say his teacher
makes love with you but your not human

Sebastian: I will Pound into the next life with math papers if you don't shut up.
                              Me: Promise? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              *next 4 weeks doing math homework straight 24 hours 7 day a week* 
                              Me: I'm dying.
                              Sebastian: did I not say I was gonna pound you into the next life with math papers?
WorthlessWaifu WorthlessWaifu Dec 20, 2016
Why does this sexy beast have to be my math teacher of all subjects he chose
                              Never mind I see why he chose it
Oh my god. This reminds me of my classmate ari and his REALLY LOUD VOICE.
saradesign4fun saradesign4fun Dec 13, 2016
Well shīt no thanks... I wanna be at home watching Black Butler... hey.. u look like sebby chan...
                              That's because...
                              *pause for dramatic affect*
                              I am Sebastian
SadStitch SadStitch Jan 20
Sebastian: "that's two months"
                              Me: no that's not happening never ever! Goodbye! *walks out of class*
Don't worry Jack.....Atleast you didn't get friendz- oh wait....I'm so sorry....