I Slept With Justin Bieber ➳ JB & AG

I Slept With Justin Bieber ➳ JB & AG

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- ̗̀ SG  ̖́- By secutegrxnde Completed

A story in which a girl sleeps with Justin Bieber which causes everything to take a turn for the worse.

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please remember that this is an a.u (alternative universe), any references or similarities to actual events, real people-- living or dead, or to a real place are intended to give the story a sense of reality, other than that, it's entirely coincidental.

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all rights reserved.

Some of the new ones are reader than the old was
                              "I'm not a belieber js"
JayBieber_xo JayBieber_xo 7 days ago
First time reader so excited been looking for a jb and ag fanfic for the longest!!
Tbearz Tbearz Nov 18
1. Bob (duh)
                              2.) Jim
                              3. Carey
                              4) Owen
                              5) Jack
                              6) Justin
                              7) Jessica
                              8) Sloan
                              9) Pete
                              10) Peter
                              11) Agatha
                              12) Mary
                              13) Chrissy
                              14) Violet 
                              15) Rose
                              17) Steve
                              18) Bill
                              They are miiinneeee. I have claimed them. Goodbye now
Tbearz Tbearz Nov 26
SINCE 09 FAM. Maybe even 08. He's my EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!!
Tbearz Tbearz Nov 26
Oh. My. God. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! CAN I BE HER PLEASE?!???? I feel so bad saying that but it's JUSTIN FUGGING BIEBER!!
JulchenJule JulchenJule Nov 04
Wir wollen eine JB Gruppe machen... jmd Bock auch rein zu kommen? Dann schreibt mal bitte privat