Camp. (Ryden)

Camp. (Ryden)

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Ah, Pine Grove. The camp is filled with memories for Brendon. He's been going there for ten years, you see. He even discovered his very, very prominent sexuality there.


Ryan's not a very fortunate boy. He's never had much, so he's learned to love the little he's got. Like nature. And sometimes he likes looking at guys. They're fun distractions.

abbiealltimelow abbiealltimelow Sep 11, 2016
well that means im definitely joining the only problems are that im a girl and im too tired for camping
-nikiforov- -nikiforov- Dec 30, 2016
Join the railroad! (If anyone gets this reference I'll love you.)
one time i had bad withdrawals because i needed to know what Pete Wentz was posting on his Snapchat story okay sue me
When I'm packing clothes I just roll them cuz it fits better. Sue me bitch
slowtown-mgc slowtown-mgc Nov 08, 2016
but would they accept trans boys who haven't transitioned yet
I live in a compound for my moms work it has everything in it it's out of the city I hate it so much