Camp. (Ryden)

Camp. (Ryden)

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Katy By 20_dollar_nosebleed Completed

Ah, Pine Grove. The camp is filled with memories for Brendon. He's been going there for ten years, you see. He even discovered his very, very prominent sexuality there.


Ryan's not a very fortunate boy. He's never had much, so he's learned to love the little he's got. Like nature. And sometimes he likes looking at guys. They're fun distractions.

frankwaymustdie frankwaymustdie 4 days ago
I just googled what sperry's  are because I was too lazy to do it the first time they were mentioned and i am diSGUSTED
well that means im definitely joining the only problems are that im a girl and im too tired for camping
pastadogs pastadogs Sep 02
im a horrible person I hate all of these apart from campfires
lyty25 lyty25 10 hours ago
people think I'm dating my best friend because of how much we flirt lmao
lyty25 lyty25 11 hours ago
i tried once and failed miserably...
                              i jumped on my mum and snatched the phone from her hands
but would they accept trans boys who haven't transitioned yet