Camp. ⛺ Ryden

Camp. ⛺ Ryden

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Ah, Pine Grove. The camp is filled with memories for Brendon. He's been going there for ten years, you see. He even discovered his very, very prominent sexuality there.


Ryan's not a very fortunate boy. He's never had much, so he's learned to love the little he's got. Like nature. And sometimes he likes looking at guys. They're fun distractions.


Cover by @SeraphStarshine

I'm a girl but everyone thinks I'm a boy bc of my short hair so I'm going to this camp see ya
hahaRyden hahaRyden Jul 11
What if i ship Ryden? will i get bullied oh wait can i be that one kid that just stalks the couple and photographs it all?
I said young boi there's no need to feel down 
                              Why do I have the YMCA song in my head
hahaRyden hahaRyden Jul 11
αℓѕσ ι'м ρяєтту ѕυяє ιт'ѕ ℓιкє α вσу ѕ¢συт ¢αмρ ℓєℓ
I already joined the Black Parade. Now this?! I don't think I can handle it... But yeah sure why not!
Funny story I was reading the description and it said "he's been going there for ten years." So I screamed "HES GONNA BE THERE FOR TEN YEARS WHO TF GOES TO CAMP FOR TEN YEARS!" Then I realized I read it wrong.