Threats || A Calum Hood fanfiction

Threats || A Calum Hood fanfiction

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5sos-dreaming By 5sos-dreaming Updated May 12, 2016

“He threatened you?” Calum hissed through gritted teeth and I noticed that his biceps were flexed. 

“No, no he just… Just let it go, Calum” I answered before getting up and grabbing the doorknob; I  then slowly pushed the door toward him to indicate that I wanted him to leave. He stopped it before it could close completely and forcefully shoved it open again before looking at me with angry eyes. 

“Do not fucking lie to me!” he screamed and I was afraid my brother would hear him but he continued. “What did that fucker say to you?” he asked and his tone made it very clear there was no way I could get away with a lie.

“He didn’t… He just… He said things like if I didn’t agree to go on a date with him he’d find another way to spend alone time with me and that I probably wouldn’t like it…” I confessed and my eyes dropped to the floor.

“What else?” he demanded and I lifted my eyes to see his face starting to redden; his fists were tightly clenched and I wasn’t sure I could tell him the worst part of the story. “What else did he fucking say, Alex, I’m not going to ask a third time” he harshly repeated and I jumped a little at his tone. 

“He just… Oh god, he said that if I didn’t learn how to shut my mouth he’d shove something down my throat that was big enough to make me choke.” I answered, totally unable to look at him in the eye. “Please don’t tell my brother, I’ll sort it out but if you tell Ashton it’s not going to end well at all, you know that, Calum, you know how bad he can be, I’ll take care of it” I started to beg. 

“You won’t take care of anything you stay the fuck away from him, do you hear me, Alex? I won’t tell Ashton but I swear if I see you near him again…” he left his sentence unfinished but gave me a meaningful look before turning around and leaving my room.

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castaaaway castaaaway May 12, 2016
I love this book already... 
                              THE DESCRIPTION WAS SOOO COOL, I LOVE IT OMG
calum-enthusiast calum-enthusiast Aug 01, 2016
Did he really have to go the extra mile to have her up against the wall to say that
castaaaway castaaaway May 12, 2016
                              NO I MUST STAY ON MY LANE
                              BUT CALUM IS SO HOT
                              NO STAY ON YOUR LANE
sweetangel35 sweetangel35 Dec 31, 2015
Lmao why is the song "why you bulksh!ttin on" lmao this has me dead right now
sweetangel35 sweetangel35 Dec 31, 2015
I'm laughing cause it says bum… lol btw _-_ Ansel must be a true stalker if he went by her house hecka times O.o
Shannamarie2019 Shannamarie2019 Aug 11, 2015
@4HumansofRock this isn't American football it is what we call soccer