A Veela's True Love (Dramione)

A Veela's True Love (Dramione)

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CC+LJ By Potter_Gleek Updated Oct 14, 2016

A story of Draco and Hermione...

A secret only a Malfoy knows.....

This secret can only be told by the heir to their mate...

 I do not own Harry Potter just the plot of this story.

BubblesAndClouds21 BubblesAndClouds21 Nov 16, 2016
I love the book but the word son is being used way to much....I'm sorry I'm not trying to be mean
I_think_I_like_Draco I_think_I_like_Draco Dec 11, 2016
Doesn't this seem strange?
                              I'm just imagining His mom telling him this super casually and he's like 
                              "Oh😐...cool.Thanks mom."👍
i_am_fanvergent_ i_am_fanvergent_ Jul 11, 2016
Did anyone else read this in a southern accent?? 
                              …okay then…