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Things all artists will understand.

Things all artists will understand.

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eeveelover416 By eeveelover416 Updated Sep 21, 2016

((Cover by @despair_Alchemist)) 
Problems every artist should recognize. 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AsianPandaAme AsianPandaAme Sep 08, 2016
Yep,I was drawing a anime character and someone went up to me and said "Who's that?" I was like:SHIZZ!CODE HOOMAN!RUN MOVE GET OUT OF THERE
- - Jun 04, 2016
I think that happened to me for a drawing I did in one of my art books. God I wanted to slap that guy so bad. =_=
Honey-tama Honey-tama Feb 19, 2016
Me: *draws*
                              Person: *enters room*
                              Person: Hey I - Wow, did you draw that?! Can I have a look!
                              Me: Nope *hides everything* 
                                      Maybe, when I'm finished
CadetDante CadetDante May 07, 2016
One time I was drawing a picture and this person asked if I drew it while I was drawing it....
fall_out_phan_trash fall_out_phan_trash May 07, 2016
Dis true my friend asked me to draw a lion and I am liek ok just don't show off pls and then everyone is liek did u draw dat??
DLotUd DLotUd Jan 31, 2016
Person: did u draw that?
                              Me: no, a unicorn crapped it and gave it to nyan cat who then flew into my bedroom putting it on my desk. 
                              Person: o...k