My BFF's Annoying A** Brother

My BFF's Annoying A** Brother

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WILL CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT!!! Just warnin you now ;)

Girl meets boy in club, girl grinds on boy, boy shows up to school one day, girl finds her new toy, but when she dances for those dollars, and he catches her in the act, guns and roses turns to real life, and they'll never get their teenage lives back.


I think she's not only drunk but also confused and overwhelmed by everything going on so she broke down
12 but I turn 13 in a couple months and I love the straight forwardness
XxUntilTheEndxX XxUntilTheEndxX Jun 09, 2016
Is this harry styles tho?? Curly hair, green eyes, dimples lol
liketequilasunrise liketequilasunrise Oct 03, 2016
Ohm best this us a gold song it's so good I'll listen to it rn OMG XOXOXOXO
_SkyDragon_CLGD_ _SkyDragon_CLGD_ Jun 28, 2016
Wow...I just started reading and I already have a feeling that this is going to be an awesome experience.😂😂😂😂
-angerissues -angerissues Sep 09, 2016
well I'll go ahead and tell you I'm an extremely perverted 12 year old that's turning 13 in 4 months😛😋