Finding Love (Miniminter/ Simon Minter Fanfiction) -Completed-

Finding Love (Miniminter/ Simon Minter Fanfiction) -Completed-

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Sammi [SDMN] By TheBaconist Completed

"It was my stupidity of love holding me back, but now there is no love." I said.

"What do you mean there is no love?" He held his words gently, not letting the pain of his emotions tear through him.

I looked away from him. "I can't even trust you anymore since a secret nearly made me kill myself. A relationship has two elements Simon. Love and honesty. You can't seem to do either."


I looked down upon my wrists, finding scars that are now fading, and some that will never heal.

So many mistakes because of boys.

I wished that love wasn't as painful, so many tears, so many fights.

Yet, when I look at them, I know that, without my suffering, I would never have found someone that changed me.

Someone that was always going to be there, and making me finally find true love, no matter how many mistakes I made, or even the ones he made.

His name was Simon Minter.

Jessiee09 Jessiee09 Nov 25, 2016
There's a guy in my school named Kevin and we call him the school shooter...
mangoxide mangoxide Jan 12
I have a friend named Kevin and we call him 'short' because he is
xNYfangirlx xNYfangirlx Jul 15, 2016
I'm pretty sure an abusive person wouldn't say butt they'd probably say ass
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Oh hell no. Someone hold my wig and my jewelry. I'm about punch a bitch.
TheEditorOfBooks TheEditorOfBooks Jan 27, 2016
If you ever edit this (I'm not sure if you have already) or if you ever see this comment, I'm pretty certain Simon said in a video that he has a Ford Fiesta, so you can change it to that.