At Fault

At Fault

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Name: Rin Haruno

Clan: Haruno/Uchiha

Mother: Mebuki Haruno

Father: Unknown (deceased)

sister: Sakura Haruno

Appearance: Long Raven hair, Onyx eyes and pale skin. Rin got her looks from her father, who was an Uchiha. 

Background: Sakura hates Rin because of what Rin's father did to Mebuki. Rin's Father raped Mebuki while drunk and left her behind. Rin and Sakura are 'twins' but only 2 months apart. Rin was born on January 28 and Sakura on March 28. Rin felt isolated and still does. Rin only wants to feel wanted.

What will happen when Madara Uchiha saves her from dying?

Will she stay?

Or leave?

Will Sakura realize her mistake for hating Rin before it's too late?

Read on and Follow along the Annoying conversations between Rin and her Inner. Rin's life and future

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto Just my OCs.

  • akatsuki
  • alone
  • haruno
  • hated
  • isolated
  • madara
  • naruto
  • obito
  • tailedbeast
  • uchiha
  • unwanted
  • zetsu
MissMichaelis1 MissMichaelis1 Oct 07, 2017
kwaiicookies kwaiicookies Mar 30, 2017
But...this isn't entirely possible. You can't be pregnant and get pregnant. It's not possible.
                              And you can't give birth to one baby and still be pregnant with another.
pepewriter pepewriter Nov 17, 2017
Kizashi is that dad at a BBQ that is constantly holding a beer in his hand and calling all this kids "Buddy" or "Kiddo"
thegummymochi thegummymochi Oct 16, 2017
Why are you naming the baby like Maury said ‘ you are not the father’
_youngblood- _youngblood- Oct 27, 2017
I’m surprised Kushina-san is not yet angry/mad. But *shrugs* meh... fanfics are fanfics
IzumiTakahashi279 IzumiTakahashi279 Dec 30, 2017
I read so a lot of Naruto fanfiction... And some with a twin of Sakura, but I've never seen the names of her parents ;o I'm kind of glad you did, thank you.