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Sweet Surrender {BoyxBoy}

Sweet Surrender {BoyxBoy}

57.4K Reads 2K Votes 20 Part Story
Aaron Shelly By AriShelly Completed


Until his senior year, Nathan Vogel had no knowledge of vampires. To him, they were just fictional beings in stories, with red eyes and pointy fangs. Nothing to pay any attention to. And then he meets Varian Joll. Varian is different from other people Nathan’s met. And he quickly realizes that it’s going to be a long, eventful year...

blxry-fxce blxry-fxce Aug 16, 2016
Oml, my school makes it so only one perso. Can leave at a time
mandala2 mandala2 Oct 09, 2016
Since when do seniors have the preschool buddy system? What kind of school is this😂
missfrieky missfrieky Jun 14, 2016
This mind fûckery by changing the characters without notice is gonna be my death. I can feel a headache already 😂😂😭😒
Laura_Reader_Werner Laura_Reader_Werner Jul 19, 2016
Just a suggestion, when you change POV's,  maybe do something to indicate it, with a star or line, or something. Other wise, it's very hard to tell, and quite confusing. But, please know it's just a suggestion. 😀😀
angeleyesgrn angeleyesgrn Sep 25, 2016
I love this. As an introvert, I hate confrontation, but despise situations with people that don't get a clue. This girl has a serious self awareness issue. She probably doesn't even know why he's fleeing like she's the plague...
babe-whats-wrong babe-whats-wrong May 07, 2016
Cute from you to mention me in your book ( ・ั₃・ั )