Jurassic Daughter [Jurassic World fanfiction]

Jurassic Daughter [Jurassic World fanfiction]

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Elliot 'El' Grady is the daughter of Owen Grady, the famous Velociraptor trainer on Isla Nublar, or the theme park, Jurassic World. Elliot lives on the island with her father and is only 15 years old. She's close friends with Claire Dearling, even though Claire and her father have a bit of a rocky history. 

When Claire asks Elliot to show her nephews around the park, the trio expects to enjoy a V.I.P tour of the island with fun times and cool attractions. Of course, when Zach breaks the rules, all of their lives are put in danger. 

Elliot, Gray, and Zach must find their way back to the park before their lives are taken by the hybrid, Indominus Rex. 

And Owen and Claire have to find them before it's too late.

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Doesn’t she play Evelyn Sharp aka Artemis and Krissy Chambers?
bubblez58a bubblez58a Jul 05, 2015
Eight... I just saw the movie so it's fresh in my mind. And sorry, I don't want to be the person everyone hates for being a grammar nazi but I have a tiny OCD on grammar. It's a good book so far.