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Falling For The Player

Falling For The Player

97.5K Reads 3K Votes 33 Part Story
kelly By trxnslate Completed

Maya's a sixteen-year-old girl with big dreams, she doesn't want to be someone who achieves absolutely nothing in their whole life, she wants to at least be known for her effort. She's insecure about herself and assumes she's the fattest, ugliest girl in her high school. Shane, is the high school's hottest player. He hits on every girl he sees, single-or not. Now, this is not one of those cliche stories where the player and the nerd fall in love and get married the next day, that's just stupid.  The story's not over yet, of course. There's another boy in the story who is intrigued by Maya. Will Maya let these boys come stop her from achieving her hopes and dreams?  Sometimes it's impossible to get your priorities right.  This story will turn your head around and around in confusion, you will never know what's coming until a very special night, at least for someone.
  [ Amazing trailer by @thefaultinourpizzas ]

Sanihodge Sanihodge Aug 06, 2016
This is who I am in the inside because my looks dont go with my personality
briannamatek briannamatek Sep 01, 2016
I call BS!!!! 🙋🙋🙋🙋
                              Lol jk. 
                              But really, I think it's a scam. 🙃
PrettyLittleWriter__ PrettyLittleWriter__ Apr 02, 2016
Why do they have eachother numbers?? I don't have anyone I hate in mine😂
0_Who_Me_0 0_Who_Me_0 May 08, 2016
Im not going to say that this is me because tbh..... I've never really been in a relationship where this type of stuff happens
I love describe is really well and it flows nice and easy..good job!!
That totally describe me ....expect for crying on sunset..I cry at sad movies...but still amazing how that describes me.