Shattered ⌲ Bellamy Blake [1]

Shattered ⌲ Bellamy Blake [1]

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shat•tered (adjective)
broken into many pieces; damaged or destroyed 

Elena Mastersons is alone in every sense of the word. Everyone she loved is gone. Floated into the deep depth of space.

She spent her time waiting in a cell to end up like the rest of them, until she and 99 other criminals are sent somewhere no one has been in almost 100 years.


Elena is the true definition of shattered and she doesn't believe that someone is capable of fixing her.  

-I don't own any part of The 100 all rights go to The CW. The only parts I own are my own characters and scenes-

Cover created by: @-smok3

Xmanola Xmanola Nov 27
Hi! I'm Nola and I don't like you. 
                              Exactly what I tell em'. Then I walk away with swag! ♡
Was there a pun intended or no?
                              Never mind ignore my not very smart self
So what happens if someone has twins? I mean its not really something you can kill someone for right?
Harry Potter Harry Potter Ooo
                              Harry Potter Harry Potter Yeah
holyhellion holyhellion Jan 30
I read this in the voice of the head from the night bus in the third Harry Potter movie and I'm not even sorry
-samwilk -samwilk Jul 24
this reminds me of finding dory. 'hi im dory! and i have short term memory loss!'