Divergent High: The Vine Life

Divergent High: The Vine Life

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Beatrice Prior was commonly know through her high school years. During her senior year she started to make videos about things she enjoyed. 

It was until then that she realized she wanted to make six second videos, vines, she started to get even more noticed. 

With her best friends helping her with her style her subscriber amount grew tremendously. 

Follow Beatrice or should I say "Tris" through her senior year in high school with vines, the gang, and someone being friends with benefits. 

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June 28, 2015

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This Story is Amazing I'd be very happy if you would read mine and tell me what you think!
Wait one sec, Caleb, the nerd and Tris's brother, has FRIENDS?!?!?!
I've been Dauntless. I'm Dauntless born *hair flip* *falls* *trips* *scapes knee* *brakes something* see. Totally Dauntless
DaytonNotTayton DaytonNotTayton Dec 19, 2016
My hair is wavy and I'm I dont know like 100 percent Australian
DaytonNotTayton DaytonNotTayton Dec 19, 2016
I have a friend with the last name Scott this is giving me flash backs
Nat_Fairchild Nat_Fairchild Dec 22, 2016
Friends? Did she just enter an alternate universe where Caleb has friends?