To Be a Belikov (Vampire Academy Fan Fiction Book 3)

To Be a Belikov (Vampire Academy Fan Fiction Book 3)

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To Be a Belikov - Book #3 of Vampire Academy Fanfiction

       After returning from yet another mission in service to the Queen years ago, Rose,  Dimitri, and Annessa fell into a pattern. They're comfortable now, enjoying their life as a family in the crazy world of vampires and monsters, and they're impossibly happy, something Rose never believed would happen. It's ballet lessons and morning runs and a husband home for dinner every night; they became the cookie-cutter family Guardians could only dream about. 
	One phone call breaks the monotony, making the Belikovs re-evaluate all of their lives as Rose is given a chance to serve again rather than staying home with her daughter. It's a roller coaster of tough decisions, young heartbreak, and the undying love between two Dhampirs who are still beating all the odds. 

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the original Vampire Academy characters, locations, or plots/themes; all credit for those goes to the fabulous Richelle Mead. None of this would be possible without her great work, and she deserves the acknowledgement for it!

MarionAvalon MarionAvalon Jul 08, 2015
Ooooh my Gosh LOL Not what I was expecting ha ha nice twist!
riesebvaldez riesebvaldez Jul 08, 2015
ve'been hoping for rose to hold an important position in the academy. its like a fangirl moment when students knw about her and her reputation. jeje
Anime_Infinite Anime_Infinite Jul 06, 2015
Oh my god this chapter was great! I love the story line and where it's headed!! Update soon!!
S_C_Pafo S_C_Pafo Jul 06, 2015
OMG it's just so perfect, so so perfect, I've just finished reading your previous books and you just got me hypnotized with the entire story, the plot, the characters, the Romitri just love every single part of all the books and just love how this one has started
peytonletthew peytonletthew Jul 02, 2015
favorite VA continuation and I'm so happy that you made another book!! i loved this chapter so much
LeighSeldon LeighSeldon Jun 30, 2015
Amazing start to the book maybe the dancing could be mixed with fighting