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the broken mate

the broken mate

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writer7777777 By writer7777777 Completed

I walk to my room and brace myself. You may ask why well I have an abusive family and I forgot my dad's beer in the car and it's now warm. 
"SAM!!" my dad screams. 
I walk into the living room slowly and whisper "yes".
"why is my beer hot" he said faking to be calm. 
"I" I stuttered.*slap* I fell to the ground holding my cheek in pain.
"I asked you a question" he hissed.
"i-i-leftitinthecar" I said quickly.
"YOU DID WHAT" he yelled.
"I left it in the car" I said quietly.
"what while you were being the whore you are trying to get some guy." he sneered.
"n-no" I whisper. hiding the anger building up inside of me. 
"whatever whore go get me more beer before I beat you unconscious" he growled.
I knew he was already drunk by the smell of his breath. 
"I'm no whore and I could care a less about your beer" I growled. 
he throw me up against the wall and began choking me. I struggled to breath and frantically searched for something to hit him with.

Why the hell did they heal her then if she wasn't going to be treated any better?
ZynCorabolt ZynCorabolt Jan 14
That's how I feel when my moms yellin at me. If you don't want me to talk, don't ask a question.
seyyora seyyora Nov 09, 2015
I'm surprised this story has only one comment(now two lmao)its really good so far :)