The Scars that Define Me (A Jurassic World Fanfiction)

The Scars that Define Me (A Jurassic World Fanfiction)

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ジリアソ By ZombieBeheader Updated Oct 19, 2016

When the dinosaurs broke out from their enclosures in the theme park known as Jurassic World, all humans were taken away, to a safe place.

But Riley was left behind.

Alone with the dinosaurs.

She learnt how to bond with the beasts, and everyday, she hoped that someone would come for her.

But no one ever did.

Five years on, there is still no sign of other humans on the Jurassic World theme park. But a group of Dinotrappers come to Jurassic world, planning to capture, or kill the large reptiles.

But Riley will protect those beasts that she has come to know so well. She will protect them with her life.

But what happens when she meets a young, super fine Dinotrapper boy by the name of Drake, who has a deadly secret?

One that both Riley and him share...

But they don't realise how they are lesser pawns in a bigger game of chess..

**I do not own Jurassic World, or anything connected to it!**


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- - Jun 19, 2016
It's kind of hard imagining an akylosaurus charging but alright..
Fippy77 Fippy77 Jan 02, 2017
This accurately describes me and i love it more because of it.
Sniper_Kills_Pro Sniper_Kills_Pro Mar 09, 2016
But they are harmless by it hurts a lot when they bite you well it's just like Zara how she died and I don't mean the mosasaurus tho
Ranga-Prime Ranga-Prime Jun 29, 2016
Aww yeahhh mah home country!!!!! I live on the coast but they have a lot of bush so there could be wild kangaroos passing if you live in of near the bush like me!
Tanya2940 Tanya2940 Mar 30, 2016
That one person who contradicts people when running for her life
melody_crescent_moon melody_crescent_moon Jan 09, 2016
The funny thing is my names actually Riley,But spelled R-Y-L-I-E