Loving Mr Steel

Loving Mr Steel

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Athie By MissTroubleX Updated Apr 08, 2016

"Remember what I said? I said that, I will make sure you only have me on your mind, no one else. And I intend to keep my promise."

Freshly heartbroken Alexis have decided that enough is enough. She made the huge move from her small town to the big and busy New York City. She is determined to forget her past, and vows to keep her heart as cold as a stone. But her plans are crumbled when she meets her boss, the heart breaker.

Hunter Steel is a well known player who shows up in gossip magazines every week with a different girl on his hands. Being the CEO of the biggest hotel chain in America, he worked tooth and nail to get to the top. When he meets his shy but ambitious secretary, he is immediately intrigued by her.

Amazing cover made by mintys-.

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rasaki_love rasaki_love Jun 08
Yup typical meet ups HAHAHHA he then turns out to be your boss 😂😂😂
Well if you kill her then she will never reply to your message, how can she if she's already dead ?
I just started your book and i like the beginning and every detail of it. Thanks for sharing your story.
What what ? The most expensive taxi fare in my Country is like 30$ and that's kinda exaggerated
                              Like 60$ will get you the airbrush foundation from Dior
ChioDewdroP ChioDewdroP Jul 13
She is literally goals. Best character who stands her ground. She's such a babe!
IAmMe1730 IAmMe1730 May 17
This is how every "i found him cheating on me" story starts... girl dont do it