Fatal  ➵  Peter Hale [COMPLETED]

Fatal ➵ Peter Hale [COMPLETED]

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misanthropy; By notreallyscarlett Completed

"She's a risk, a mystery. Like venturing dangerous waters, and I live for the thrill."

Dea Arabella is the definition of mysterious. No one knows where she came from, or who she is exactly, but one this is for sure; She is fatal.


So what happens when she meets a certain old friend from the Hale family, and catches more that just his eye?


++Season 3++

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of the characters in the show, but I do, however, own Dea and any new characters that shall be introduced to the story.

XxN0thingxX XxN0thingxX Jun 19
This is the first peter hale book I'm reading so I'm excited😄
Oh it's the ulgy bald dude Derek dated thinking she was a women when she was actually a ulgy bald headed thing.
Me: *sees her, throws dagger at her face, jumps up and slots her throat with my claws, then makes sure she is dead then sits back down acting like nothing happend* well that helped
Kimber112 Kimber112 May 28
I hated her from the very beginning because I knew her and Derek were gonna be a thing. Derek is my sour wolf.
nightowl25 nightowl25 May 31, 2016
Me: NOPE *jumps in front of her like Mario and slaps her* Not today satan *walks away calmly*
                              She witch: *tries to form words but can't bc I slapped the magic powder out of her*
                              Me: *throws chancleta from the hallway-hitting her head* Can it man stealer! *walks further away looking for sour wolf*
Drogaera Drogaera Jul 18, 2016
You know, at first I really didn't like her, especially after what she nearly did to Lydia and Stiles dad, but after learning her back story, I don't hate her. I'm not sorry for her, because it was her choice to become a Darach, but in her own way she if a very respectable and strong character.