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Merthur: lost

Merthur: lost

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annatwd By annatwd Completed

Arthur's pov 

"Merlin!" I called angrily after my servant. "MERLIN" I tried again. 
Things had been especially hard after I had found out about Morgana. It seemed to me that Merlin was the only... friend that truly understood what was going on. Although friend seemed to casual a term for what he was to me. Of course he was my servant but, he was also a friend, and now he seemed to be much more. 

I had finally found him he was, yes you guessed it, in the tavern. I should have gone there first. I roll my eyes.

Merlins pov
" wakey wakey! " it was Arthur... " don't you have... Work to do? "

" sorry sire I was just, " I began

Arthur's pov

" another excuse?" It came out harsher than I meant. I saw the hurt In his eyes before I heard it in his voice.
" Merlin I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that" I said apologetically 

" no, it's, it's fine!" His voice catches at the end of his sentence, making it clear that he wasn't fine. 

" Merlin I didn't-" I made a sad attempt to talk to him bu...

Not the best of things to address to your so very loving father, Arthur...
Remember that episode e where he crushed the flower which Arthur went through the depths of hell to get for Merlin, to teach Arthur a lesson, if this was Uther he'd lock Arthur in his room
HyperMal HyperMal a day ago
After watching Merlin, Uther makes me want to hurt someone 😡😡😡
Angels435 Angels435 Jan 31
Well i guess that hell needs to start making fire since it just froze solid
Uther în the show would never agree:
                              Nr 1 : He will say that it is not ok to be gay
                              Nr 2: He would never let Arthur marry a servant 
                              Nr 3: He would think that is magic and not love.
R u kidding me rn 
                              U don't know how to get to ur home village 
                              Wat is wrong w u idiot 😂