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Not so Human anymore (Jurassic World)(Owen Grady) *Wattys2015*

Not so Human anymore (Jurassic World)(Owen Grady) *Wattys2015*

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Silver By Silverhaunter Completed

In this world, it's kill or be killed.
Or is it... 
Maybe it's kiss or be kissed.
Eh, who knows any-more?
She's half raptor, he's half crazy she's probably not cheer captain and he's probably not on the bleachers.... but of course, you make genetic hybrids that live in containment.. eat their siblings... have no sense of mercy, no morals, and are not capable of affection. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything Owen Grady predicts.
Isla Nublar, Previous home to Jurassic Park, Over 20 years later is now home to Jurassic World.
Now, the next generation of In-Gen in the year 2015 has decided that to make the park the safest possible, they're going to have to engineer human-based dinosaurs. Starting with a female velociraptor they mixed with DNA of a human and genetically modified her brain to support both velociraptor intelligence and human emotion.
She has the resonating chamber of a velociraptor and the vocal cords of a human, she was genetically engineered over many lifetimes to be the perfect hybrid. She has the ability to change her appearance from human to raptor quicker than any of their other experiments. She learns faster, thinks better, remembers more than any other human they've ever seen. 
They call her Aspen.
Suddenly a man named Owen visits her.  He's a raptor trainer. She falls for him hard. 
This is the story
of Aspen, the hybrid
and Owen, the man who would be king
P.s it takes me an average of two hours to make these covers dont hate and any help anyone wants to give is so overly appreciated.... But im not really a popular author yet so guess thats not happening soon. But I love you all and appreciate your support!!!
For this series the covers take me extra-long cause I know this is my most popular series so I put all my effort into making it look good!
Positive feedback is adored!

AlphaOrder AlphaOrder Nov 07, 2016
I literally just took a break from listening to the Giver book.
InhumanByte InhumanByte Jun 06, 2016
Technically, wouldn't that raptor be "Foxtrot"? Owen named them after the NATO alphabet, and Foxtrot is after Echo.
Bellew0lf Bellew0lf Apr 18, 2016
NOT STIRRINGS!!! I'm reading the giver is school and we just got to the part with stirrings we all freaked out because were all immature
Rocklord105 Rocklord105 Jan 04, 2016
To shift gears on a manual transmission, you use the clutch pedal, not the brake or the parking brake
interstellers interstellers Nov 12, 2015
When Lex is eating the jello and it starts shaking when she sees the raptor is like my favorite scene