The Vampire Princess: Balancing The Elements

The Vampire Princess: Balancing The Elements

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Felicity By Potterhead161003 Updated Feb 09, 2019

Zariah Lakelin is a vampire princess with a bad attitude and the ability to change the levels of goodness and badness in people. The power only activates for two weeks every month and takes a huge physical toll on her.  Her half sister, Vivienne has had it out for her since she was fifteen and finally left her alone three years ago, leaving on a mission for their father. 

When Zariah meets Caspian Berndhart, a powerful boy who can control the elements, her life both gets much better and much, much worse.  He's the only person she knows who is as powerful as she is and is charmingly shy and incredibly attractive. But of course, for every good thing, there's a bad equivalent. 

With the meeting of Zariah and Caspian comes the return of Vivienne with two possible marital partners for Zariah and a heinous plan. Vivienne is out to ruin Zariah's life even more, ripping her and Caspian apart. 

Caspian and Zariah have to overcome the gap forged between them by Vivienne to keep her plan from being successful an destroying the world.