BulletProof Spy [BTS]

BulletProof Spy [BTS]

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"Keep a close eye on them, make sure they don't run away again."

Song Gaeul was given the most important mission of her life, to keep a close eye on BTS. She must complete this mission successfully so that she can finally get what she has longed for her whole life. Gaeul is a heartless girl who grew up with the most feared loan shark in her area, but what will happen when she is given a very important mission that will change her life forever? Will she risk the lives of those she loves just to get what she wants?

Started » 1 June 2015
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vicyk_ vicyk_ Nov 10
OMG I'm sorry but when i read this i suddenly imagined a group of JIN WEARING PRINCESS COSTUMES AND MAKEUP😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😭😭😭😭
08Nadia80 08Nadia80 Jul 24
We all know it's Tae when it mentions the rectangular/ square shaped mouth
BTSlama BTSlama Oct 06, 2015
Hahahaha... I guess this teacher doesn't really care much about rules??
asiantrash asiantrash Oct 06, 2015
                              but he's somewhat correct, the rules of dodgeball says that you cannot hit someone waist and up. also, it doesn't count when the teacher didn't blow their whistle. HAHA
asiantrash asiantrash Oct 06, 2015
he's just like wonwoo. 
                              1. same last names; jeon
                              2. they pulled the stage name/real name card.