BulletProof Spy [BTS]

BulletProof Spy [BTS]

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"Keep a close eye on them, make sure they don't run away again."

Song Gaeul was given the most important mission of her life, to keep a close eye on BTS. She must complete this mission successfully so that she can finally get what she has longed for her whole life. Gaeul is a heartless girl who grew up with the most feared loan shark in her area, but what will happen when she is given a very important mission that will change her life forever? Will she risk the lives of those she loves just to get what she wants?

Started » 1 June 2015
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Almost makes ME want to do PE if I wasn't a lazy piece of trash
I always did that to a student cuz he was FUKIN annoying lol
*coughs* I might be reading this book all over again. IM SORRY ITA JUST SO GOOOD
Hehe Boys Over Flowers 100%, Ga Eul is an actor on the kdrama. Does So Yi Jung come in this???
Dont...wake up.....the....sleeping...Suga....he will....spit....fire on you
                              So if it was like this.. 
                              My bias (Jungkook) and I vs...My two Bias wreckers... (Suga and V)