The Boy I Married [COMPLETED]

The Boy I Married [COMPLETED]

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DISCLAIMER: Before anyone decides to read, this is my FIRST fanfic I wrote, so YES I know there's gonna grammer and spelling mistakes in this, I didn't know what I was doing or what I was writing. So I don't blame you if you cringe cause I did too. Be aware!

An arranged marriage for Park Yura and Jeon Jungkook settles in. It didn't start off good at first but once an incident happens, everything takes a big turn around.

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  • arguments
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  • jealously
  • jungkook
  • romance
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When I’m at school I’ll have my hand raised to ask a question. The teacher will answer everyone’s questions, look around the room, and say “so no more questions?” It’s kinda sad, but luckily my cousin Tyler is there for me and screams “Wait, Emily has a question!”
Totally didn't see that coming.. Couldn't have even imagined.. Its not like its every fanfic ever.. It was totally unexpected!!
Yeah that's because they're planing your marriage with their business partner's son jeon jungkook
How dare you say 'ugh' to my bias who handsome? Wanna punch
                              Just kidding😂
I don't like it. My teacher gives me sooooo much homework😢
                              And ya have to do it the "Canadian" way according to him -.- 
                              Not the trini way
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I feel you my mom and dad is always at theyre work and I'm left with my Twin brother (I'm a girl) but he's always in his room