Run and Ruin (BoyxBoy)

Run and Ruin (BoyxBoy)

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d•e•r•e•k By TheGoodbyeSpectrum Completed

#1 in the Slayer Chronicles

 Micah is the son of the most famous slayers, yet he isn't good enough. When a dragon is spotted at the school, a mile from his home, he goes to prove them wrong. The only problem is that he finds a dragon in a human form. A very beautiful form.

Reegan is your average, geeky guy. Nothing really ever happens in his life, until some badass slayer shows up at his school, waiting to kill him. Confused and distraught, he doesn't know what to do. The only thing that will keep him alive is their undying love.

  • action
  • awesome
  • badass
  • beautiful
  • boyxboy
  • dark
  • dragon
  • epic
  • fantasy
  • gay
  • geek
  • hot
  • love
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DustyLeaves DustyLeaves Nov 29, 2017
That’s my name and I already dislike this character because I would never willingly go to a party
NiecyPieces NiecyPieces Mar 30, 2017
They have a reason to hate you fuckers. You're killing them for no reason. Let them live.
chameleonsi83 chameleonsi83 Nov 06, 2017
They didnt. Because they never existed. Theyre made up. Imaginary. Not real. The fact that we still talk about it means that this literature is not dead yet. The creator, however, is indeed very much dead
itsyamaidenArtemis itsyamaidenArtemis Nov 28, 2017
Hey Cassandra! Last time I checked he was doing perfectly fine on his own
EveryBirdThatSings EveryBirdThatSings Jul 28, 2017
I thought that Romeo and Juliet was a wonderful story of self sacrifice  for a loved one in a world where your being together was undesirable. And in the time of which Shakespeare wrote that story, it was very original and heart breaking