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Tattoos and Flowers (A Solangelo fanfic) \\Completed//

Tattoos and Flowers (A Solangelo fanfic) \\Completed//

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That One Kid Who Writes By Shipping_My_OTP Completed

Will Solace is a tattoo shop owner
Nico Di Angelo is a flower shop owner
What would happen if their paths crossed?

it's kinda ironic. you'd think nico would own the tattoo shop and will own the flower shop.
Kind of depends on what you get and where you go. My sister was a flourist(An amazing one if you ask me but don't tell her I said that) and she said that the prices vary and shift.
The1stAuthor The1stAuthor Dec 16, 2016
I love how in every dam fanfic for the PJO/HOO world the authors always find a way to slip in "Dam"
QueenLexiXiii QueenLexiXiii Oct 13, 2016
Before I discovered curse words I used to say Crapiola. (Crap e ola)
NightStriker13 NightStriker13 Jul 09, 2016
The picture looks like someone just asked who was on top. But they knew it was Nico and will was afraid of anyone finding out. Nico just woke up and hes grumpy and it's really bright outside.
Lol a guy once said that I was  cute and I UNKNOWINGLY responded with "like you" and I almost died on the spot I was so embarrassed.😖