Chris And Mike vs The World

Chris And Mike vs The World

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Brian S Creek By BrianSCreek Updated Sep 03, 2016

Mike's life is as boring as they come. Miserable job. A family that hates him. He's going nowhere, fast.

And then his old school friend Chris is released from a mental institute and left in his care. While Mike tries to find someone to take Chris off his hands, he slowly realises that his old friend might not be insane after all.

And so the two embark on adventures to take on strange creatures, ghosts, robots and much more.

* * *

The 'Chris And Mike vs' stories started as a joke on the Flash Fiction site, Micro Bookends. With a picture prompt and just two words (the first and last), the writer must create a 100 word story in-between. 

I wrote the Chris And Mike stories between January and December 2015. They are all collected here for your reading pleasure.