I love you [Hanbin | B.I]

I love you [Hanbin | B.I]

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大丈夫 By daijyobu Completed

❝If everybody isn't perfect, then I've found this one guy. He have dementia.❞ 

this book is a shit full of wrong grammars. if ure allergic to grammatical errors then, i assumed u not to read. maybe i'll try to edit it someday.

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kuehwah12318 kuehwah12318 Mar 26, 2016
I just watched the ring and this is freaking me out and it midnight
namshiat namshiat Jun 02, 2016
My neighbor is like that but I was snowed in with him for like 3 days and I'm mostly the one other than his family he can remember with out screaming "RAPE"
dyanafaizal dyanafaizal Jan 21, 2016
I'm reading this in my room alone..and it's dark...really...
GetReady_Showtime GetReady_Showtime Dec 23, 2015
Author nim, For your information I'm reading this at midnight
victoriiyaa victoriiyaa Dec 04, 2015
OMG i did not expect that i would smile and cry like a crazy person to me i feel like he's a normal person.....Aish... why do i feel like this.....
XxparisJkxx XxparisJkxx Jul 04, 2015
I suddenly love this book even though you just started writing the first chapter!! Oh my hanbin oppa get well soon xx